Facebook Application Development

Social Networking is the big thing today and Facebook is undoubtedly the leader among them. Any intelligent marketer would strive to be on Facebook and reach out to the potential clients there. Though Facebook offers various methods like pages or groups, for businesses and non-profits to interact with their customers, a Facebook Application can help to engage the customer better, by delivering content, services or communication in a fashion that better suit the image of the organization and the business login required in the context.

Facebook applications help to effectively interact with customers as well as efficiently nurture and sustain relationships with them. This can help to enhance your Facebook presence as well as increase your brand value and loyalty.

The Facebook Application development team at Weberge can help to create various marketing and other applications such as Contests, Surveys, Event promotions or any other custom applications that you can think about. We always understand that Facebook is a platform where customers listen as well as express themselves. Thus Facebook applications that we develop can help you to get customer feedback, offer them support, increase brand/product awareness and increase traffic to your other web properties.

Benefits of Facebook Applications

  • Spread your messages in a viral manner
  • The Like button helps you to measure the effectiveness of your campaign or content
  • Allows you to target customers based on their interests, demographics or geography
  • Deliver your message directly to customer, with no extra cost
  • Reach new markets and more potential customers

Get in touch with us, to know about the various opportunities Facebook applications can offer you.

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