Open Source Development

Weberge offers a wide range of open source based development services that include Content Management Systems (CMS), Blogs, Portals, E-commerce solutions, Learning Management Solutions and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions.Whether it be a personal or corporate website or blog or a drop-shipping E-commerce solution or community portal with varied services, Weberge could provide you an open source solution.

Open source development company

The Open Source Advantage

A Strong Global Community

Open Source Software (OSS) available in the market provides great operational leverage for custom web development, by providing a code base that is certified by a global community, who have used it. In addition to making web development a faster, effective and affordable process, open source also offers the backup of a worldwide developer community, who actively develop the software and its plugins. The community also helps out with any issues popping up during development based on open source software.

Superior Security

Superior security when compared to proprietary software is a compelling reason to opt for open source software. Bugs in open source software tend to get fixed quickly as there are more developers and users working on finding flaws with the software.

Great Quality

Open-source software is user-driven because users can have a hand in making it so. Users and developers combine resources to make what they want resulting in a technically superior product.

More Flexibility

Open source software offers great flexibility as the code is open. You can modify the code and add any functionality you want. You do not have to keep endlessly upgrading software and hardware as you do for proprietary hardware. You can run it well even on older hardware as it is much less resource-intensive. So you can decide when it’s time to upgrade.

Better Savings

Between the purchase price of the software itself, the excessive cost of mandatory virus protection, support charges, ongoing upgrade expenses and the costs associated with being locked in, proprietary software takes more out of your business than you probably even realize. Open source software offers you better quality at a fraction of the price.

You can save on licensing fees and maintenance fees and spend only for documentation, media and support.

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