Web Design

We spend time with our customer, for understanding their needs better. Since the website stands for promotion of their products too; we spent time understanding the product and the ways they want to promote their products. This pulls us as a website design company and makes us ahead of competitions in the industry.

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A normal man faces with, an average of more than thousand brands daily. Among these only a few stands out. Here lies the necessity for a strong and powerful branding. Branding creates a strong visual language. We at Weberge helps you in making your brand feel stronger and consistent through your website. The dedicated web designing wing of Weberge is not only aimed at making your web page aesthetically appealing, but also establishing a strong brand stand with the visitors.



Conversion friendly

A conversion friendly website has now become a basic necessity for those who are looking for a good website. A conversion friendly website has the potential to turn visitors into customers! This is why conversion friendly websites have gained more popularity recently. When added with the fact that a lion-share of the online buyers are impulsive; conversion friendly websites makes fortune for the business.



Web Page Design

 Look and feel

We are having numerous websites around us serving various purposes. So, it's pretty challenging to design websites that stands out in the crowd; because in order to stand out better, the site must have a unique design and must be visually appealing. The excellent designers at Weberge are always ready to undertake this challenge and design websites according to each customer. Different sites have different perspectives, ways of promoting, traditional values in business, etc. To cater them according to their own personal   demands seems to be a Herculean task. We make this possible and creates sites according to the guidelines by the customer; as a result what you obtain from Weberge is your own unique and elegant website; made according to your own business needs which stands out better and makes you confident enough to challenge your rival websites. This certainly gives you an Upper Hand in the online business.

Mobile Friendliness

Mobile first approach

Since mobile browsing gains more popularity these days, the demand for websites to deliver proper content to the users on mobile and like devices arose. The smartphone displays are getting more and more brilliant from the full HD resolution to the 4k. This makes them compatible to load the desktop websites. But the smaller size of display compared to the desktops, makes them harder to read out the content. This demands for a special care in the mobile sites, so as to make them “Smartphone friendly”.
While designing, the contents were placed so cleverly that will display all important data on small devices without much scrolling! 

Device Friendliness

Device friendly (Responsive)

Earlier, websites were designed such a way that each website had a mobile based website, which required less data and thus loads faster. But this required designing two websites, one for the desktop devices and the other for the mobile devices. With the advent of smartphones and tablets with higher resolution screens, this caused inconveniences and calls in for Responsive Web Design, which scales down the webpage to lower configuration, when viewed from a mobile device and loading the page to its fullest, when viewed from a Desktop device. This eliminates the need for a separate mobile website. Thus the page adjusts itself according to the device, i.e. PC, tablet and mobile phone. This increases the browsing experience as the response from the web page will be faster.
As a result, we get the best viewing experience across all devices. 


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