Meet Our Team

Our Consultants comprise of a cluster of highly qualified and trained engineers who has vast years of experience and has access to the latest software applications and tools. Our Team is headed by efficient developers driven by strong passion for technology, backed by a division of talented and proactive SEOs ,Certified Quality Engineers as well as Creative and innovative Visualisers.

Meet our team
Shiju Alex
Shiju Alex Sr. Manager - Web Based Services

He is an MBA holder with 15 years of experience. Apart from managing and coor...

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Dileep G
Dileep G Sr. Manager - Technical Services

He holds Masters in Business Administration and Computer Applications is a ta...

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Brijesh George John
Brijesh George John Deputy General Manager

Mr. Brijesh George John has over 12 years of industrial experience, having wo...

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Sudeep EI
Sudeep EI Manager - Technical Services

He has immense experience in Software development . He holds a bachelor degre...

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M T Cherian
M T Cherian Sr. Manager - Corporate Services

Mr. Cherian is an accomplished professional with over 15 years of experience...

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Manoj NS
Manoj NS Team Lead - Product Support

Mr. Manoj N S has 13 years core experience in product support . He is a post ...

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  • Krishnakumar VG

    Krishnakumar VG

    Team Leader - Web Designing
  • Varun B

    Varun B

    Sr. Software Engineer
  • Shalu Francis

    Shalu Francis

    Designer / Tester
  • Archana U

    Archana U

    SEO Engineer
  • Jeena K Kumar

    Jeena K Kumar

    Web Designer
  • Vinod Vicky Raj

    Vinod Vicky Raj

    Sr. Software Engineer
  • Shafi Ken

    Shafi Ken

    Software Engineer
  • Sabil K

    Sabil K

    Web Designer
  • Sachin Nath V

    Sachin Nath V

    Test Engineer
  • Jabsheed P

    Jabsheed P

    SEO Engineer
  • Anisha K A

    Anisha K A

    Jr. Software Engineer
  • Anas K K

    Anas K K

    Jr. System Administrator