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Retaining existing customers and gaining new ones are crucial and essential tasks for the existence of every business. This process can only be successful by building and maintaining long-lasting relationships with the customers. A CRM solution helps you to manage specific, real-time information about each customer and prospect. Such information can be extremely helpful in knowing and serving the customers on a one-to-one basis, which in turn reaps great returns in the form of customer loyalty.

Weberge has expertise in configuring and customizing Sugar CRM, which is a widely accepted open source CRM system. This can help in obtaining stable and efficient CRM software for both small and medium scale industries to large scale enterprises, in a cost-effective manner. We are mindful that any CRM development solution should align with the internal processes and business objectives of your organization. So the solution we offer looks tailor-made for your requirements.

Highlights of CRM solution:

  • Easy installation, customization and administration
  • Create and manage accounts, contacts, leads; identify and track opportunities to improve the sales performance and drive revenue growth
  • Marketing automation is easy and profitable by mass email campaign
  • Manage leads from multiple sources, track results using fully customizable reports
  • Organize and access all the customer information from a single point and allow the teams to access the accounts, contact from one place
  • Easy case management and case escalation and enhancing the fast delivery of customer problems through timely and accurate insight into the customers interest and needs
  • Appointments, meetings, outgoing and incoming call logs, files, documents etc associated with each accounts and contacts can be easily tracked from a single point, enhancing the work flow
  • Support team can diagnose, escalate, and resolve customer issues in a prompt and consistent manner and the support managers can measure the performance of the team members and increase the customer retention, satisfaction and value
  • Managers and executives can analyze the business performance, track critical problems and revenue generating opportunities of the firm through fully customizable reports based on different roles and functions
  • Enhance communication among the employees, manage tasks easily and share files, documents, customer information, cooperate activities like meeting, new events across the team
  • Create product/item list to generate quotes and invoices and emailed to intended account contacts

Are you concerned that your relationships with customers need to be improved? Do you feel that the marketing data is overwhelming and unmanageable? Weberge can help you out. Contact us to discuss about a Customer Relationship Management solution.

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