Learning Management-Moodle

Moodle is a leading learning management system (also called course management software) to manage and execute various training requirements through a web based system. The online, virtual class room provided by Moodle can overcome the need of all students/trainees come together physically. Moodle has diverse range of functionality and collaborative features, which can be really helpful in various environments like education, corporate training and development and other business settings. Moodle community is backed with millions of registered users contributing innovative ideas, codes, free support, which ensures that the open source application is always live and updated. Weberge offers affordable, empowering and flexible e-learning solutions using Moodle. We analyze the training and management requirements of our clients and suggest innovative methods in which Moodle features can be put to use.

Features of Moodle

  • Pedagogy based training system, focusing on imparting leaning to students
  • Global availability of course materials, assignment submission, grading etc, helps to overcome geographical barriers
  • Discussion forum, polls, online news and announcements, chat and instant messaging keeps the site interactive
  • Unbound to place as the study materials are available anywhere – home, work etc.
  • Accessible 24×7 on your schedule, reducing travel time and the associated costs
  • Learning is self directed or self paced allowing the students to select the contents based on their interest or skill level
  • Moodle development services
  • Installation, customization and maintenance
  • Custom module development for Moodle
  • Moodle theme design
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Moodle plugin customizations

If your organization imparts any kind of training – internal or external – it could be wise to consider a learning management solution like Moodle. Please get in touch with us, to discuss how it can be useful and lifesaving to your organization.

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