PPC (Pay Per Click) Management Services

Pay Per Click Advertising, when used intelligently, is a great strategy to drive traffic to your website when you need it quickly. If planned well, PPC campaigns can impact your business right away. As an online marketing strategy PPC is a boon for online stores and allows you to generate buzz for short-term campaigns. If you have a compelling product, you would need no time to convert your visitor into a buyer with PPC campaigns.Weberge’s expertise in PPC management services, can help you target relevant traffic which is governed by geography, days of the week, time-of-day and keywords reducing your number of dead leads. We maximize your results, through continuous efforts in the following services.

PPC Management Services


Keyword Research: Keywords are at the heart of every PPC campaign. Building an optimal keyword profile is essential in generating the maximum benefits from the available budget for the campaign.

Competitor Evaluation: In almost every PPC, observing the competition is essential to know what is required in building an effective ad campaign.

Ad Creation: PPC ads offer the minimum real estate and it takes creative and intelligent thinking coupled with experience, to create the most eye catching ads within all the constraints.

Website Optimization: It is not just the bids that determine the fate of a PPC campaign, but also the quality of the landing pages. So it is essential to optimize the landing pages or even create custom landing pages to make the most out of the campaigns.

Conversion Tracking: Another important aspect in any campaign is to track how much conversions have happened from the campaign and to know which of the keywords or ads are performing better.

Reporting: Periodic reporting about the important statistics of the campaign

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