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Android N release date: Confectionery identify announcement coming in a few weeks

Google has decided to let users of the Android operating system suggest a name for its upcoming variant, Android N. Soon, the group will probably be able to call the following mobile operating system a suitable confectionery identify, and not just a single letter.

Fanatics were given a chance to propose a name for the enterprise's upcoming mobile OS. This used to be stated in the course of the Google I/O event that occurred last 18 to 20. The organization created a naming page  that users can use to suggest their favored name for Android N. The suggestion process is over now, but the web page shows one of the most forwarded names, which comprise Noodle Pudding, Naan, Nougat, Nuts, Naneesh Tart, Nectar, Nonfat Milk, New Mexico Chile, Nonnevot and a couple of extra.

 Rundown of Android versions so far are here:

Code Name

Version no.

Initial Release Date

API level







02/ 9/2009


























Ice cream Sand witch




Jelly Bean





4.4–4.4.4, 4.4W–4.4W.2












Developer Preview 3


Andriod N:

Google is anticipated to release the final construct of Android N anytime, in an effort to typically coincide with the reputable name announcement. Users are also anticipating a few Nexus hardware to be unveiled when Android N launches. Also there is rumor on HTC, to be making the Nexus 2016 smartphones, however Huawei can be said to be engaged on its Nexus 6P successor. An extra rumored product that is within the works is a 7-inch tablet dubbed Nexus 7, a revival of its own tab.

When you needed to boil what a predominant release of Android (or any OS) manner to only a single acronym, that'd be: APIs. That's brief for  application program Interface, and it can be what permits apps to do, well. tons of new ones are coming in Android N, and we've got only  the simplest idea therefore far. More will be addressed as we get new preview builds.        


That is the huge one we've been looking ahead to. Multi-window help  this is, multiple apps work side by aspect on the same display. It was hidden deep within the first Android M preview in 2015, earlier than being unceremoniously removed in a next build. It changed into by no means virtually meant for public consumption, nor become it ever actually publicly cited.

that is, till Google released the Pixel C tablet in past due 2015. it is a chunk of an ordinary product with an unusual 1√2  ratio — the same as a standard sheet of paper. That helps you to fold it in 1/2 and feature the same aspect ratio  ideal for running multiple applicatins simultaneously.

only, the Pixel C launched without that function. So it changed into quite clear then that we'd possibly see multi-window with the N release in 2016. And we have it. And now not just on tablets  it really works on phones also. this is going to be a feature that the developers need to take a look at right away.

Multi-window could be  for phones and tablets. on the Nexus player, apps are designed to  run picture-in-picture. And  as per Google, makers of larger gadgets, will have access to a freeform mode that permits users scale apps they want further to side-by-side multi-window.


we have been capable of interact with notifications for a very good long at the same time as now. no longer every app supports this, but have a look at Gmail as an early instance. Pull down the notification, and archive an electronic mail without clearly having to open it. excellent.

Google Hangouts took this a step similarly, allowing you to answer to messages proper from the notification attempt, while not having to open the app, or the message itself. it is slick.

you may now be able to have bundled notifications. Or, as an alternative, higher bundled notifications. suppose off it as more data in a single region. Have a half-dozen emails are available thru Gmail? you may be able to see greater problem traces at one time in the notification vicinity.

Doze and Svelte:

Predominant features from the past year are Doze and Svelte. The previous had to do it all, however, shutting down your phone whilst  no longer in use, permitting minimum communications to come back via and maximizing battery back up  whilst the smartphone was not in use and  not plugged. In Android N, it gets smarter, saving even greater battery when the display screen is merely off. it really is a huge deal.

also a large deal is even higher memory management and power consumption as part of undertaking Svelte. the quick model here is that apps should not awaken as frequently when an alternate in network connectivity happens. if you've got a lot of apps that use the particular broadcast receiver in query (and also you almost truly do), then this will assist lots. The catch  right here is that the app has to be up to date for these Android N capabilities for them to work.

more significant is that Google is constraining in how apps have interaction with the cam. as an alternative of each app that hooks into the cam waking up any time the cam fires off for a image or video, they may stay dormant. that's a very good fix, and it applies to any app, no longer simply one which targets Android N.

Accessibility Features of Android N:

Android N includes a new screen zoom feature as a part of the accessibility suite. It appears to be quite sincere, making the whole thing on the display screen larger and less complicated to look. There are a few behind the scenes things added in N to assist with this.

similarly vital is that you'll see accessibility features, mainly magnification gesture, font size, display size and TalkBack  to be had all through the preliminary setup process. that's an amazing change.

Android & Work:

There are many changes coming to Android, For Work in Android N. This is Google's system for permitting an organization to have some control over your work phone.

One massive modification is that companies are going to be able to provision phones for Android for Work by merely scanning a QR code. Here's a fast summing up of alternative new Android for Work options that will be coming back to device near you:

There are many changes approaching Android N. that is Google's system for allowing a company to have control  over your phone.

One large change is that companies would be  able to provision phones for Android for work through clearly scanning a QR code. here's a quick rundown of other new Android features.

  • You may see a security challenge once making an attempt to open a work-controlled application.
  • New password policies — special required password lengths.
  • Quick suspension of Apps. (We warned you that you were spending too much time on fb.)
  • A work profile might need  a VPN connection, which might hearth up while the tool boots.
  • Higher and secured integration of labor and private contacts, if permitted.
  • Device could be remotely rebooted. ( useful when you have a tablet tucked in a few kind of kiosk housing in which the power button isn't always available.
  • Disabling of location capabilities for workapps while it is allowing them for private apps.
  • Custom lock screen messages.  
  • Locking down the wallpaper and user icon.
  • Variety of stuff that you would possibly or won't ever see.


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