eClincher: A new generation Social Media Management Tool

eClincher is a powerful and efficient One-stop-shop social media management platform. It is a pillar for franchises, small and medium businesses, enterprises, agencies, and you to organize and achieve great results. Especially eClincher is an advantage for small scale Businesses for their marketing activities globally.

Dynamic Features 

A product feature is a specific functionality that benefits the user and gains the value of the product.

  • Publishing Automation Queues

In eClincher, publishing multiple posts or uploading a bulk of posts is easier so that users will be comfortable with the tool, and recycling the post is effortless.

  • RSS Auto publishing

Automatically creates pins from the content of the website after connecting RSS feeds with any of the social media network accounts and the content will be added to the panel as Pins within 24 hours.

  • Publishing and Scheduling

The publishing post can be scheduled with a date and time based on the user's request in multiple social networks profiles and pages.

  • Unified social network

Powerful All-in-one social media management tool. Social media accounts are integrated with the tool, so the activities of every account are updated in eClincher.

  • Monitoring Keywords

Users can monitor the activities of social accounts that are integrated with eClincher by using keywords and hashtags.

  • Live engagement

For saving time and improving productivity the channels offer live feeds where users can engage, likes, comments, and more.

  • Analytics Dashboard and Reports

This is an advanced feature that supports business development and marketing activities. Moreover, the review and reports can be viewed as pie diagrams or charts. At first glance users get an overview.

  • Builts in visual marketing tools

The post can be upload as gif-files, images, videos so visualization to the user is more effective to increase the business globally.

  • Chrome extension

eClincher provides chrome extension and mobile apps for easy access.

eClincher integrated to...

Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter & RSS

  • The efficiency of an organization can be improved frequently.
  • 24*7 responsive support is available to the user.
  • Through hashtags, the user can monitor the published post.
  • Drag and drop help the user for easy access. 
  • Reasonable Payment.
  • Need to improve the dashboard.
  • Make the UI design more user-friendly

The below is the home page of eClincher.They give a private demo of 30 minutes to support the user.

eClincher has payment but it is not a free source for the user. In 3 different payments, it is available, based on that user can utilize more features.


Users need to complete the registration process before login in (registration is a one-time process). eClincher can  Register through Facebook also. 



After completing the registration, there is a verification process done through the email id that is connected with eClincher.Then only the eClincher accounts get activated. By clicking the “Active Account” button in the email used for activating the account and navigate to the Login page of eClincher



The login page is very simple and easy to access for everyone. If you forgot the password, it can be recovered by clicking the link “Forgot your Password”.



Home of the Web application eClincher.In a single view, the user can see the published post, calendar view, the user integrated social media accounts.



Users can add and manage social media accounts. The main benefit is users can add any number of social media accounts, which means  Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Its completely users wish to add accounts in their eClincher account.



Integration with google drive, drop, etc also can be added, it's an add-on advantage of eClincher.

The list of social accounts that have been added in eclincher can be seen on the left side.

RSS feed is a primary support for publishing automatically new posts to social media. Creating and writing content is probably the most time-consuming task of any online and also bulk actions can be done by selecting multiple feeds. Moreover, the published feeds can be viewed and edited at any time.

When the user, Creates a new queue colored bullets can be used to highlight the post. But the post can be published only at any of the social media accounts that have been integrated with the eClincher.


Inbox is another feature of eClincher, the user can use the option tag to monitor the post through that, the user can evaluate the marketing activities and review the business.


Adding a new tag supports the business development globally. Tags can be filtered in alphabetic order and users can view the recently viewed tags.


Monitoring Keywords and Hashtag feeds is a dynamic feature of eClincher.Entrepreneurs can monitor their development in business especially, small-scale businesses can grow widely and make changes in the functionality of marketing.

According to the relevance, there will be suggested content feeds. so that the user can easily access the feeds and get a report on those feeds immediately. 

Analytics Dashboard is used to monitor the website performance by tracking metrics like visitors, page views, and online conversation. In addition, it allows you to get the data through that website and can be measured and analyzed.

Here, the user gets a description from all the social media accounts that are consolidated with eclincher. The links provided from every social media account gives descriptions and comparisons to the user. Logo can be added to the reports during export.

eClincher has an online reputation management platform, it helps users to achieve goals, and grow the business. Further, public relations can be managed and build a positive image.



In the published settings, permission needs to be granted for quick access to features.URL shortener, saved libraries, publishing groups, and facebook's albums. Settings also can be changed here for the convenience of the user.


Delivering the content automatically, Feedly is the best content curation tool and that is also integrated with eClincher. It is a very time-consuming task.



Many companies care about their customers, they are serious about making their customers happy by giving them good products and services. For such companies, eClincher is a well built and efficient tool



Neenu Teresa George

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