Free SSL/TLS Certificate For cPanel Server


Hope you have heard of SSL. If we browse and look around we might see the cost of SSL certificates by various providers like Godaddy, Comodo and so on which some could afford and some could not.


I heard of open source software for sure, but CA (Certificate Authority) going open source ???  Now you would be thinking, “This is awesome and now I could have free SSL certificates installed on all my websites...” Yeah, feels so good to be true.


To know more about it, you probably would go and have a peek on this website which will give you an idea on what exactly it is. I didn’t explained it here as I don’t want this post to be “the great wall of china”.

This post is solely for cPanel VPS/ Dedicated Server users. Ok, so let’s begin.


Step 1: Login into your cPanel server via SSH


Example: # ssh root@


Step 2: Use the below commands to clone the git repository and install Let’s Encrypt plugin


root@host [~]# /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/git clone


root@host [~]# cd letsencrypt-cpanel


root@host [~]# ./


This would install the plugin. To check, you would have to login via Browser and  on left side pane scroll all the way down to plugins option. You would see Let’s encrypt plugin there. Rest I believe you could explore of your own as it's very simple enough to work with.


Step 3: Uninstall


At some point if you feel you don’t need this and want to remove it for good, then just run the uninstall script like the same we did to install.


root@host [~]# cd letsencrypt-cpanel


root@host [~]# ./



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