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Ever Heard about Google’s Rank Brain??


Of course yes, Google’s Rank Brain is that Artificial Intelligence (AI) program which had marked its presence from early 2015, and is used to embed the written information into the language (the vector inputs) which a computer understands and process more improved Google search queries.

How does Rank Brain work??

Oh, it is as simple as it is. Once a keyword is searched, the Rank Brain program makes a guess with more outputs that has the similar meaning to the searched key word (word/phrase etc) and gives a filtered result that is more effective and accurate. I.e. Rank Brain’s capability of learning, recognizing and analyzing the search results is 10% more accurate and successful than the Human Intelligence.

So you say, Rank Brain is more important??

Yes darling, according to the search queries based on the “Links” and “Words”, then come Rank Brain, the third most important factor in determining the search results. The input signals, which get into an algorithm, determine the results that appear on the Google search page and get ranked. When somebody submit an input that doesn’t match the exact word that they are looking for, Rank Brain interprets the keywords and searches to find all those results having the keywords that had been searched for. Thus, Google’s Rank Brain is reported to be the most important, sensible and responsible signal that determines the search rankings for all online searches.

Let us check out this example:

I had searched for “icing tips”, which included the following results

Rank brain results

Rank brain results 2


And see, when I had searched with more keywords like, “tips for icing a cake” Google gave me the following results.


Google Results Rank Brain


 Ie, Rank Brain had interpreted the key words and searched to find all those results having the keywords that I had been searched for. So let me tell you, No matter your input is a longer or complicated one or a shorter or accurate one, the Rank Brain determines that both the queries are similar and shows the exact result which you are looking for.  

Then Rank Brain must be affecting the SEO, right??

Yes, as it is acclaimed and accepted, the foundation to a successful SEO campaign is to define our keywords that are more relevant to whatever business we are into and be aware of the keywords that our customers shall search for. As an initial step we have to be keen on defining the key words. When the keyword doesn’t meet the customer’s requirement, the campaign gets a negative impact to the business. At this part of the SEO process, apart from the previous Human Intelligence based algorithm, the Artificial Intelligence’ Rank Brain algorithm shall learn constantly all by itself and update the search results constantly. At the same time, for better results, the company has to improve the contents with more ‘related words’ that could be searched by the customer. Adding more FAQs, publishing more articles on the related topic, etc… shall also help improvising the search results by keeping our sites stay in the topmost refined search results. There are people who get confused on the exact keyword and instead of the proper one; they search for the synonyms, benefits, symptoms, standards etc which shall also include interrogative questions on the search toolbar. Personalizing with the targeted audience can also improve the ranking of the preferred sites.

No matter which key word is being searched, the more contents are being added to the website and the more conversational the contents are, the more results are gained. Keeping consistency in updating of the sites can also help being prior among the top search results. So get going… Set the goals… Rank Brain will bring you up..!!


Aardraa Nambiar

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