How To Spy On Your Competitors Using SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb is a Digital intelligence provider for enterprise and small to medium-sized business customers. The platform provides a website analytics service and offers its users' information on their clients and competitors' website traffic.

The thing you have to do is log on to, and click on the free sign up button.

The page is redirected to the signup page and there you can sign up with your name, email id, and password or via your Google or LinkedIn account. Advanced features are available on a payment basis but a free plan is also available with basic features that you can use.

Here, I use the free plan because it allows you to understand metrics about certain websites.

You can use the search bar for the search result. So, If we want to analyze a competitor or to do some market research we can use this tool. Besides, we can learn about other people in our industry.

Today we are analyzing one of the largest e-commerce websites AMAZON.COM.

Type in the search bar.

After searching about amazon we will see information about the website and also when we click on Overview we can see your Monthly Overview, About, Related Mobile Apps, Global Rank, Country Rank, Category Rank, and also you can compare other websites.

The real gold is the Traffic overview.

The below images give brief details periodically, which means how many visits got every month. 

In February 2021, got 2.33 Billion visits, compared to February 2.55 Billion visits in March,2.44 Billion in April, and 2.66 Billion in June, total visits 2.67 Billion. Average visits duration 06:59, page per visit 8.51. 

So you can do research based on these details, and you can get information about different websites, and different competitors. You can start a hot business by searching trending upwards from this site. You can use this tool to gain information about different businesses, but not only can you see their total visits, but also you can see the traffic by country. You can see the different traffic.

Direct traffic is defined as visits with no referring website. Direct traffic categorizes visits that are not coming from a referring URL. Referrals means, which websites are sending traffic to this site. Search gets the search terms used to find this site. Social refers to which social networks are sending traffic to these sites. Mail is like emails, Display Advertising is how this site is advertising itself across the net.

It gives you the top referring sites on the right-hand side, this is incredible, so let’s say that now you are competing with Amazon. Where are they getting all this referral traffic? You could go see where all of their referral traffic is coming from and maybe you want to run ads on those on those platforms or you want to go and speak to them.

Then you could search,then only you could see what people searched on the internet to get to Amazon. This is just incredible so you could snipe their top organic keywords. You wouldn’t have to guess where they’re getting it from. In the feature social, you could see they’re getting a ton of traffic from all these different social media platforms.

Advertising is where they’re running their ads. You see an Amazon ad system, whatever that is a big network. So you might want to dig into that then only you can see their audience interests. Also, you could see more detailed information.

Here you could even see their competitor and their similar sites like amazon for more research.

Moreover.SimilarWeb has a chrome extension and adds the extension freely and all the information is right you can see over there. It's like a miniature version of what you saw on the website. You could see the global ranks.

Now similar web offers users extra features which are based on the payment plan that you choose. Here are some payment options that will help you upgrade and use similar web to its maximum ability and to spy on your competitors.


  1. My site is not listed in the correct industry; how can I change it?
  2. How serve you report on website redirects?
  3. Does ‘social’ include both paid and organic commerce?


In summary, this is a fantastic tool for every website proprietor or marketer. Not only for boosting your website reach or commerce and gaining a following, but it also provides a complex system of analytics. Similarweb shows excellent perceptivity for your website and your competition and data commerce on mobile apps. 

Largely, you can check any business with a digital mark and show you a well-organized control panel. Notwithstanding, you can go deeper than this and check for the website’s pageviews, visits, visit duration, go rate, and user trip.

Besides, users or businesses can customize Similarweb pricing and plans for your business. This tool will give you only what you need to grow and gain a new cult. Overall, it's a complex tool worth the Croesus and delivers quality services for all business kinds.



Anil Chandran S

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