How To Use Buffer Social Media Marketing Tool

A lot of businesses use social media as part of their marketing strategy. It is a great method of communication and getting in touch with current  and future consumers. There are some software  that can enhance social media prowess and  make engagement that much more effective. One of the software is BUFFER.

What is Buffer?

Buffer is a social media marketing tool, designed to manage accounts in social networks. It is used to schedule posts to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn, as well as analyse their results and engage with the community. 

Uses of Buffer

  • Buffer allows users to schedule posts
  • It supports multiple social networks
  • In buffer, able to post status updates to social networks
  • Provide insight 

Social Networks that Support Buffer

Twitter: Buffer supports Twitter and multiple Twitter accounts.

Facebook: Supports both Facebook Profiles and Facebook Pages, which means can schedule status updates for both personal and business Facebook accounts.

LinkedIn: Buffer supports personal LinkedIn profiles as well as LinkedIn company pages.

Pinterest: Can connect to Pinterest account and schedule pins to any boards. 

Instagram: Supports Instagram profile.

How to use Buffer?

  • There is 14 day free trial and 3 pricing plans
  • First, create an account on buffer
  • Click on 14-day free trial
  • Enter email address and create a password
  • Sign Up

  • Three questions and select your answer

How to Link a Social Account

  • Next, connect social accounts
  • Click on “Connect Your Social Accounts”

  • Can connect with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

  • If  you connect with Twitter,authorize it by giving username and password of Twitter account

How to Schedule a Post

  • This is the homepage of buffer account

  • Share updates
  • Schedule posts 
  • In scheduling , there are three options
    • Share Now
    • Share Next
    • Schedule Post
  • Click on “What would you like to share” option for share an update
  • Type messages and schedule that update
  • There are options to share images, emojis etc.

  • The Schedule tab is the most powerful feature of Buffer. It is the most robust social media scheduling system available. Each profile has its own independent schedule, just like it has its own queue.
  • Consider when you want to share posts for this specific social profile. How often, which days of the week, and at what time. You’re able to select or deselect specific days of the week just by clicking on them.
  • For the days that are selected, you can add, edit or remove posting times. 

More About Buffer

  • In “Analytics” we can see the posts already shared 

  • Within “Settings”,
  •  Access to Link Shortening, Campaign Tracking and Shuffle Queue.
      • Link Shortening: With Buffer, like most social media management tools, you can choose to use a “short link” when sharing content to social media, particularly Twitter.
      • In Campaign Tracking, able to see traffic of received from social media posts
      • In Shuffle Queue, able to shuffle added queues

  • In “Analyze” option
    • See Recent reports
    • Followers
    • Impressions
    • Engagement rate

  • On “Insights” option
    • We can see insights of shared posts

Scheduling: Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Daily: Review how the previous day’s posts did and re-buffer any that really resonated.

Weekly: Review how the previous week’s posts did and re-buffer any that really resonated.

Review how effective last week’s posts were according to time of day, compared to the previous week, and test other time slots.

Monthly: Review all of the posts from the previous month. Note those that did well and those that did not, and try to replicate the style of those that were successful. Re-buffer posts of content that you want to continue to resurface for new followers. Make sure your queues are filled up for the next month.

Review your Analysis and Insights for each social profile to gauge your past performance and the effectiveness of campaigns, as well as the results of experiments

Pricing Plans

Pro Plan: $15/month

  • Connect up to 8 social profiles
  • Schedule up to 100 status updates at any given time
  • 1 user

Premium Plan: $65/month

  • Connect up to 8 social profiles
  • Schedule up to 2,000 status updates
  • 2 users

Business Plan: Starting at $99/month

  • 25 social profiles
  • 6 users
  • 2,000 scheduled status updates Rich analytics

Advantages of Buffer

Scheduling Posts:  Setting up all your Facebook posts for that week or month. It also allows you to be consistent. You can ensure that content is always posted at your users’ peak time on every platform as well. 

Precision Market Testing: According to some of the most successful marketing giants around, market testing is what you should be focusing on most of the time. After all, each niche and target population are unique. What works for one business could be a complete misfire for another. With Buffer, you can schedule similar posts for different weekday and time combinations to get the most accurate information. 

Analytics: Buffer’s analytics provides you with concrete answers to your content tests. It’s important to know what metrics are most valuable here, though. Reach could be sufficient for some companies, while others may prioritize click-throughs or similar actions. You can sort the most popular content by each of these metrics to nail down what works and what doesn’t.

Cross-Posting: Buffer allows you to post the same image with a different caption to multiple social media platforms. This strategy helps you make sure you’re as visible as possible to your customer base. The more they see you, the better they’ll convert later on.

Management Flexibility: Having all your social media posting consolidated in one place allows a high level of flexibility.

Just try 14-day trial

Watch tutorial video below :

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