How to Use Later : The Best Free Instagram Scheduling Tool

What is later

Later is the world’s favorite social media scheduling tool, which is used as an all-in-one social media marketing platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Analyze, plan, and publish your content in a few clicks, and this tool has helped to save your time on posting on your social media business handily.

Create free account
  • First, log in to your Instagram account.
  • Then open a new tab and search for


  • Let's create an account first
  • Click on “Create Free Account”.

  • Then, fill in your details and then click on “Create Account


  • Later will ask you to link your Instagram Account. So click on “Connect Instagram Profile”.
  • And login to your Instagram profile.


Now a screen showing a tray of different categories appears. Select the category which is

  • After you click on your category, you have the option to specify which industry you belong to
  • Then Instagram will ask what we mainly do. So click on the appropriate option.

  • After that, we should specify where we provide our services. 
  • Now click on the option that best describes your page.

  • Click “Continue”

Finally, you will reach the main page



At the top of the calendar is the Instagram profile, followed by the Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter (not linked to the later app due to joining free account) profile.

Next, you will see a pop-up of a later app. There is one thing to note here, We can proceed only by downloading this app on your mobile phone.

Install this app on your mobile phone and sign in.

  • Click “Continue”
  • Continue by clicking “Next”


How to Schedule Your Posts

The Later app helps you to plan how to schedule your posts for the entire week (or month). So you can pre-schedule posts and forget about them. Here's how to schedule posts from later web.


  • On the top you'll see all the profiles that you want to manage within Later, you'll see a weekly view and as well a monthly view. 
  • Now let's see how to schedule our images on Instagram.
  • Let us drag and drop our files by clicking on Upload Media in the left top.
  • then click on an image

Click “create post”


  • In the popup that appears, type the caption and emoji for the post. By clicking edit image you can edit the photo as you like.
  • Here you will find various social platform edit options.
  • And click “update image”.
  • Clicking on the top right, here is the option to schedule the time and date. Schedule the time and date as we like.
  • This is a free account, that's why it does not support hashtags and more options like location, tags, and so on.

So your post was scheduled on Instagram with the help of a later tool.


  1. Simple to use.
  2. Great platform for the free version.
  3. To make marketing easier.
  4. Awesome tool for Instagram posting.
  5. Excellent tool for scheduling posts and stories on social networks.
  6. It saves a lot of time on social media.



What can I do with the later tool?

Later offers a range of services including analytics, automated publishing, content management, multi-digit management, post scheduling, and reporting. So you can save time and grow your business handily

Can I use it later for free?

Later offers a free plan, which includes 30 posts per month per profile, 1 social profile per platform, including Instagram,  and 1 User.

What is the pricing and plan for the later?

Later offers a free plan, which includes 30 posts per month per profile, 1 social profile per platform, including Instagram,  and 1 User. Business plans start at $12.50/month which includes 60 posts per month per social platform.

Growth: This starts at $20.83/month, for 3 users and 150 posts per month per social platform.

Advanced: This plan starts at  $33.33/month, for 6 users and unlimited posts across all social platforms.


The later app takes your Instagram marketing to another level. Also, you can ensure your social presence through Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. The later app helps you plan ahead for visual marketing and make your business brand more popular. There is no doubt that this app will benefit everyone in the future.


Rayana Thasneem Karattil and Shahanas S A

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