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Social media marketing is found to be the foundation of any business nowadays, because people are more engaged with their social media, especially during this pandemic. First thing is to get the reach of the audience in wherever platforms they are busy with, thus making it more productive, marketing can be performed via Social media. There are certain tools for making such activities well scheduled and planned. One of the devices which can help you is Sendible.


What is Sendible?


Sendible is a well-liked SMM tool. It offers you an honest range of features that comes up with excellent usability and most importantly, allows you to manage your social media campaigns and daily tasks with ease, speed, and accuracy. The platform contains a tremendous UI which is a type of easy to use. It’s the same because of the service offered by Hootsuite, but with some differences.

As it is also a social media productivity tool, Sendible has over 20 integrations with key social media networks, blogs, social sharing sites, and even the communication tool, Slack.

As a social media marketer, it’s tough to continuously source and make fresh content and this tool helps you keep your editorial calendar busy.

The Content section of the dashboard could also be a gold mine because it houses your content suggestions, RSS feeds, and so the content library where you will be ready to store evergreen content you'll use again and again, or the content you simply want to remain for later. The tool will search online for articles on relevant topics for your business and can be sorted by influencers similarly. you will be able to also buy the RSS feeds of your favorite blogs and news sites, then share posts automatically as soon as they’re published or approve them before they are going out.

All posts are edited within the intuitive Compose Box where you will be ready to select the social network you’re posting to (you can select multiple if you wish) and schedule them as far ahead as you like. Sendible’s sophisticated algorithms can also predict the foremost optimal times to post on your social media networks to maximize engagement. What’s more, you will be ready to group social media posts by theme and queue them to travel out haphazardly – this is often ideal for shares from other websites and content that’s not time-sensitive.


 Features and Benefits


Sendible is an agency-level social media-marketing tool where you can manage multiple clients at once. Sendible is “the tool” for carrying out multiple marketing campaigns at once.

Some of the many social activities you can carry out using Sendible are scheduling content and posts for different social networks, integrating social channels with a blog, integrating slack for better team communication, etc.

You can also make a blog calendar with Sendible. The tool reports your social presence and any brand mentions. It also allows the sharing of old content on the Internet to get more traffic. You can download the Sendible app to get notifications when you are away from your laptop.


How to use Sendible?



Go to, If you don't have an account please do sign up, and link your various profiles into it, or else you may proceed to sign in.



Go for a free trial for 14 days. You may choose your suitable plans from the given list. Every plan does have a 14-day free trial. Four different plans are available here.

The first plan is a starter which is meant for solopreneurs with a fee of $29 per month. It saves time by managing your profiles & scheduling content in one place. Permitting criteria are 1 user,12 social profiles, and 8 quick reports. Before going into action start with a free trial.

Moving on to the second plan which is a traction plan, specially meant for startup agencies with a fee of $99 per month. It Collaborates with clients more efficiently to generate awareness of their brands. Permitting criteria are 3 users,48 social profiles, and can build up to 15 reports.

The next plan is the most popular plan among all the other plans, which is the growth plan for $199.This is basically meant for growing agencies so that they could work more effectively to show clients real results from social media. Permitting criteria are 7 users,105 social profiles, and build 35 reports.

For $299 there is a large plan which is meant for the large teams i.e., to manage social media at scale with advanced tools and custom workflows. 12 users,192 social profiles, and 60 build reports are permitted in this plan.



This is the interface of sendible that you can see above.



Move to the profile section in the top right where you can see various social media profiles that are to be managed by sensible. These include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, and YouTube.



Under blogs, you can go for blogging. These include blogger and Blog Spot,Wordpress,, Tumblr, and Medium.



Just below that there is an option for monitoring where you can use keywords and things like that.



Finally under profiles there comes an App option. These are the different apps that you use for watching.



If you want to post anything similar in different profiles you may proceed by clicking on the compose option given in the top right in orange shade. By clicking on a pop up appears for posting.



Inside the pop-up, you may choose the profiles at first, and then the content that you opt for the post, and below you may choose images, gifs, smiley, or whatever you feel like. Just below them, you can schedule your posts such as the date and time. Now it's time to import the post so just click on the schedule button on the right.



Another option is to compose in bulk Where you can add up new rows so that you can add for 30,31 days. And schedule every piece of content for an entire month in one stretch. There you can set the message, date, time, URL, and images. Once it is all set you can just import them.



Under engage there comes the sent option on the left where all the sent items are visible as you can see in the above figure.



Just below them all the scheduled posters and their details are given which is under schedule.



Under the queue, all the awaiting posts are displayed.



All the pending drafts are being displayed under the draft section.



Clicking on the calendar you may clearly see the date, move on to the date where you prefer to post anything, and click on it there comes a pop up to post.


Pros & Cons of Sendible




  • Integration with all key social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest) and blogs (Medium, WordPress,
  • No credit card required
  • Makes it easy to keep your social media calendar busy with an RSS Feed poster, content suggestions, an in-built content library, and easy access to the design tool, Canva.
  • Bulk-scheduling content with images via uploading a CSV file.
  • Has handy automation tools that drive engagement and increase your following on Twitter and Instagram.
  • Visually stunning and accurate reports that can be created in 15 minutes or less, plus the ability to create custom reports with your logo and the modules you need.
  • User permissions and team workflows are easy to set up.
  • Mobile app is available for iOS and Android.




  • No free plan, but a 14 – day trial is available
  • Geographic keyword monitoring isn’t always accurate





Sendible Vs Hootsuite


These two social media management options are fairly equal in scope and capabilities. Both platforms come at reasonable prices for small and medium-sized businesses, as well. But they aren’t exactly the same. Let’s take a look.


 Dashboards and Reporting


The Sendible dashboard centers around content sourcing and posting, with recommendations to assist facilitate content sourcing. All of your social accounts stream in a very central location, and a prioritized inbox makes follow-up easy. Social listening is correct there in your dashboard, so you'll be able to watch your brand mentions alongside your post feed and acquire real-time feedback on how your posts perform. Sendible provides reports on a spread of social media metrics within their visual editor. you'll be able to build and schedule reports to form sure your team receives on-time updates. Google Analytics is additionally inbuilt, to point out the highest performing content and help improve your processes.

Hootsuite built dashboards that facilitate team management of accounts. Their dashboards let all team members respond in real-time to messages or mentions and monitor social streams in a very centralized feed. you'll be able to answer common questions with prewritten macro responses tailored to your brand. Hootsuite offers analytics through “boards,” which show campaign or individual-level metrics for both Facebook and Twitter. Reaction time analytics facilitate your increased team efficiency.

As far as dashboards are concerned, Hootsuite provides better features for managing campaigns from a centralized dashboard, especially when it involves responding to customers within the platform. On the opposite hand, if you wish for deep and segmented analytics, Sendible may be a better option.


 Curation and Scheduling


Both of those platforms employ extensive content curation and scheduling systems, with capabilities to post to a large range of social networks.

Sendible recommends content from internal Sendible RSS feeds and blog posts across the online. you'll also hire in-house content generation teams (writers for hire) to provide the content you don’t have time to jot down on your own. When you’ve got your content, you'll be able to schedule single posts or in bulk and repeat your high-performing content with automated queues.

Sendible offers calendar-based posting with time analytics to assist you to require advantage of optimal posting times for your readers. With the power to attach over 20 platforms (including blogs like WordPress and Tumblr), your content can reach a good audience. Cloud integrations provide you with in-app access to your team’s content and publicly sourced images. Sendible accounts also include Canva access to assist you to build great social images along with your own or sourced images.

Hootsuite provides built-in libraries where you'll store content for your brand, and also the ability to publish your work supported custom segments. Publish curated content suggestions supporting the content relevant to your brand and followers, or use the majority message uploader. Reviewers have reported difficulty with posting to Instagram, although attaching images to any or all other platform posts is simple and easy.

A cool extra found in Hootsuite is their contests and campaigns feature, which helps you to run a branded sweepstakes or contest on your site or through your social accounts to extend customer engagement. Another tactic Hootsuite has recently pushed for is more video-focused support across content publishing platforms.


Team collaboration


Although both of those platforms offer you the power to delegate tasks and build workflows with notifications, Hootsuite leads the team collaboration sector with a pair of features designed to stay users both updated and compliant with local or federal regulations. Hootsuite offers training and support for keeping your team within the strictures of HIPAA and internal rules through archival capabilities and integrations. At the identical time, the social sharing tool Amplify helps Hootsuite subscribers build their social influence through employee sharing.


Social Listening


Both of those options provide you with intelligent sentiment listening, which picks informed cues to inform you ways customers feel about your content. This helps you follow up accordingly and assign tasks to the foremost qualified people.

Sendible includes sentiment data in your custom inbox and provides messaging within the same place. you'll be able to also receive mention alerts via email or Slack and assign follow-up to specific users. The social listening in Sendible gives you the ability to trace keywords, hashtags, and brand mentions across the online, including review monitoring on Yelp, Glassdoor, and Citysearch.

Hootsuite also offers social listening, with worldwide access and support for several languages. you'll be able to segment listening metrics by geography, source, and gender, and also the dashboards will update in real-time. you'll also set custom notifications to provide you with a warning when there are spikes in shares or changes in overall sentiment.


Contact Management


In social media marketing, contact management is quite just updating contact lists. Prospecting for influencers and tracking interactions are equally important because of the messages you send.

Sendible does a fairly good job of helping you build relationships and find new leads through social media connections. A customer CRM is included within the app, with social insights from LinkedIn and Klout to assist you to build better profiles. Automated geotargeting means you'll be able to grab leads supported by specific locations and begin conversations even when you’re off from the desk.

Hootsuite permits you to build influencer lists or import your lists from other programs. They also provide you with the facility to contact leads and customers directly through in-app messaging. you'll be able to track these interactions in an exceedingly CRM-esque format or upgrade to a thought that permits API access to attach your own CRM.


Making the right decision 


Comparing Sendible vs. Hootsuite is difficult because they both provide lots to customers. we propose that you simply seek both of those tools. See if you prefer the interface, how your feeds move through the dashboards, and the way your analytics work.

You may just like the way that Hootsuite helps your team collaborate, and you don’t really want the extreme analytics that Sendible offers. Or perhaps you run a little team (or one-person operation) and don’t need the collaboration tools the maximum amount as you wish to report back to outside parties.


Buffer vs Sendible


The easiest way to schedule tweets, Facebook posts, and more. Buffer helps you manage multiple social media accounts without delay. Quickly schedule content from anywhere online, collaborate with team members, and analyze rich statistics on how your posts perform.

A social media management platform for engaging with customers on multiple social media channels directly. It's a social media management tool that helps companies manage their social media presence more efficiently.

Buffer and Sendible belong to the "Social Media Tools" category of the tech stack.

Some of the features offered by Buffer are:


  • Using Feedly and Buffer: Keep your Buffer full with amazing content in the slightest degree times
  • Schedule retweets: Use Buffer to share other people’s tweets anytime
  • Followerwonk and Buffer: send your Tweets at the most effective time


On the opposite hand, Sendible provides the subsequent key features:

  • Multiple social network publishing
  • Integrated analytics and tracking
  • 360-degree brand and reputation building and monitoring


Later Vs Sendible


Later allows you to schedule posts for up to per week with a visible content calendar. you'll also import media from Google Drive or other cloud services. It also gives you the power to share other people's posts.

Sendible allows you to schedule future posts both in queue and bulk. The scheduling shows visualized content in keeping with their dates. It permits you to customize different content per each social media network and optimize images by their in-built editor or by Canva. It also gives suggestions for what to post. additionally, it enables you to access your saved content from the Cloud.

Sendible permits you to reply to messages and comments from an identical place. It also notifies you whenever someone mentions you in their post so you'll be able to reply to them quickly.

Sendible permits you to assign tasks to the members of your social media team. you'll also mention them in your posts to alert them about something.

Later provides you with Instagram analytics to test your performance on the platform. It helps in recognizing engagement rates and best publishing time etc.

Sendible delivers you performance statistics for every hour in addition to various forms of media published, so you'll see what quiet content posted at what time gets more reach by your audience. It also provides the feature of Google Analytics.

Sendible helps you track important conversations trending on social media also because of the performance of your competitor




Marketers can find a lot of information around the web about what styles of content they must promote and which formats produce the foremost engagement, but the matter for several social media managers isn't what to post, but rather a way to compile and analyze the information those posts generate.

A good social media management tool will allow you to build and schedule posts, but also engage along with your users and hear feeds for mentions that you just can grow to lead. Thus sendible can be a good choice amongst all other SMM tools.


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