How To Use Sprout Social For Better Social Media Management in 2020

Social Media Marketing is at its peak during this pandemic situation and it is very important to maintain good social presence inorder to grow your enterprise. Managing all the social profiles is not that easy but doing some smart work can make it lighter to handle. Social Media Management tools like Sprout Social is a smart way to grow your business online.

Sprout social is a very easy and professional Social Media Management Tool for managing every social media profile in a single space. It is a wonderful tool to build your social relationships in just a few clicks by knowing and engaging with your audience better.

Sprout Social Highlights :

  • Manages every social media profile like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube, etc. on a single space
  • Schedule posts for a future date and have the feature of sharing it in different profiles at the same time. 
  • Best tool in case you are working as a Team.  It has the features to assign tasks and ask approvals before publishing.
  • Advanced Targeting options for Facebook posts, Tag management, Content Search features, etc.
  • Follower Management for Twitter. It automatically detects inactive, spam and accounts that don't follow you back.
  • Report Generation of profiles, Competitor analysis, performance analysis etc. 

How to create an account on sprout social           

Enter the URL and click on ‘start your free trial’ button.  Unlike many other premium management tools, Sprout Social provides a free trial version of three different plans for 30 days.

Sprout Social’s pricing starts at $99 per user per month for the Standard plan. The Professional plan offers additional features for business at $149 per user per month, and the Advanced plan offers solutions for businesses at scale at $249 per user per month. Annually, the Standard plan costs $1,188 per user, the Professional plan is $1,788 per user annually, and the Advanced plan is $2,988 per user per year.


An account can be easily created by entering the name, email id and a password.


How to link a profile

We need to link our profiles in order to start. So click the ‘+’ icon on the right side menu bar to start linking. Select the network, log in to your account and done! Connect all your profiles to sprout social for easy and better management.


How to compose a post using sprout social



Click on the compose icon on the top right corner. Type your message and select the profiles to which the post needs to be published. There are options to add images, emojis, location, tags etc. Use the ‘audience targeting’ icon to target a specific audience on facebook. This tool helps to engage the right people on a variety of bases. Sprout social provides an approval feature which helps the corporates to efficiently work as a team. The tag manager is a very easy and efficient tool to manage the tags. 

Scheduling is another key feature of Sprout social. You can either post it immediately or on a future date, as per your choice. The optimal times option helps to choose the best time for publishing your post.  The right hand side of the screen shows a preview of your post  in different profiles. Finally, click on ‘schedule’ to confirm. 

More to explore:

Smart inbox : This feature helps to see notifications of all your profiles on a single page. You can get a brief and easier view of your messages here.


Feeds : Keep in touch with your twitter feeds and instagram hashtag feeds. The posts with specific hashtags can be sorted out in instagram hashtag feeds.


Calendar : The content calendar shows the posts which are already published and scheduled, in a weekly/monthly format. We can delete, edit or preview each post from here.


Find Content : this is an interesting tool that helps in assisting the user to find content on a particular topic. You can get all the latest content related to a subject using this tool.


Reports : Reports based on every profile can be extracted using sprout social. Let it be facebook, instagram , twitter or any profile. You can get a detailed and accurate analysis of your followers, engagement, hashtag performance and many more. Competitive analysis helps to compare your performance with competitors and do strategic planning. content performance, team performance reports are other tools of the report menu. 


Sprout Social Support 

Support services of Sprout Social are the best when compared to other social media marketing tools. The Help Center has guides and articles on everything one needs to know to start working. Assistance is given for getting started, administration and billing, Exploring settings, Automated analysis reports etc. Webinar support is the one which attracted me the most. You can either attend a pre-recorded one or a live session. Sprout Social also introduces their new and highlighting tools in their support section. The Featured Articles are of great help to understand each feature of this management tool. They also provide 24*7 customer care service via phone, email and through social media platforms. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  •  What are the features of Sprout Social?

Sprout Social provides tools for engagement, publishing and scheduling, analytics, monitoring and listening. It also provides the best customer care and social management tools. 

  • Is Sprout Social ideal for small business?

Sprout social is a premium social management tool and it is expensive when compared to other tools in the industry. So, this tool is more suitable for large and established organisations. But you can try it for free for 30 days and see how it can help your business. There are three plans available: Standard at $99/month per user, Professional at $149/month per user, and Advanced at $249/month per user.

  • How many profiles can be linked to Sprout Social?

The Standard plan accommodates 5 profiles and the Professional and Advanced plan can accommodate upto 10 social profiles.The following profiles can be linked to Sprout social : Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, TripAdvisor, Google My Business, and Pinterest.

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