How to use Tailwind for Scheduling your Pins in Pinterest 2021


Tailwind is a social media scheduling tool that allows you to schedule your posts on social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram. Using Tailwind you can start driving traffic, leads, and sales to your website with Pinterest Marketing. Pinterest can be difficult to use, but Tailwind will allow you to schedule pins, link to your website, optimize your Pinterest boards, and use your Pinterest Analytics to discover how to grow your Pinterest profile. Tailwind is an official Pinterest and Facebook partner, so you can rest easy knowing your account is safe.



How to Create an Account in Tailwind?


Go to, you can sign up with a Pinterest account or sign up with an Instagram account. Then create your name, email id, and set a password for your account. Tailwind is a paid tool and it also offers a 30 days free trial. 



Tailwind paid plans are categorized into two, Plus Plan and Enterprise Plan. Plus plan pricing starts at $14/month or $199/year and it offers 400 pins/month, basic profile and board metrics, etc. Enterprise Plan can be again classified into two, 


  • For Bloggers and Small Businesses


It starts from $15/month and it offers 400 pins/ month, basic profile and board metrics, basic website insights, measure pin success, 30-day history archive.


  • For large Brands and Agencies


It is again categorized into two, Professional and Enterprise. In a professional plan priced at $1,999/month, it offers full profile and board reporting, optimizes content strategy, brand monitoring suite, 1-year history archive, and multi-account capability. Then the Enterprise Plan, offers keyword/ hashtag analysis, unlimited history archive, multi-account capability, etc.





Benefits of Using Tailwind


  • Tailwind is a Pinterest and Instagram Marketing Partner, so you can rest easy knowing your account is safe.
  • It helps to schedule multiple pins in one session.
  • Tailwind allows you to schedule your pins on Pinterest and Instagram easily, with a minimum investment of time.
  • It shows the best times to schedule your Pin for audience engagement.
  • Shows 30 days history archive, basic profile, and board metrics.
  • Tailwind Insights show your reach and measure your results.




After login, you will enter into the Dashboard of Tailwind.  In this interface, you can see how many repins, domine pins, and followers you have, and much other information over here.


How to Schedule a Pin?


On the left side of the window you can see that many options over here, you just click on the publisher option, under that we can see many options like Draft, Scheduled pins, Smartloop, Published pins, Your Schedule, Board list, etc. 





Then click on scheduled pins, you can see over here they have actually prefilled some of the best times that they actually recommend for the post. So you can choose this recommendation or click on the Add/Remove time slot option for adding your own time or remove any time slot. 



Then upload your pins on Pinterest you just click on the option “Create a new pin” on the right side of the window, there are many options here like, upload image, pin from Instagram, etc. and choose any option from this. 



Then you have to enter the board name, you can add multiple board names in this section then enter the pin title, description, and the URL. Finally, click on Add Queue, and your pin is scheduled.



You want to schedule the pin on a specific date, You just drag it and release it on the particular date and time slot. Tailwind makes it super easy and simple. You can easily upload more pins and scheduling over the pins into these time slots.



Tailwind Insights


Another important feature is Tailwind Insights, it offers advanced Pinterest account analytics. In the insight tag you can see your profile performance, track how many pins and repins you are getting, then you can track insights for specific boards, categories, keywords, and hashtags.




If you are a blogger, a content creator, or any kind of business owner who wants to free up their time from the whole manual pinning process, Tailwind is an excellent tool to help you do that and also it is the best Pinterest scheduler to grow your account.


Watch the tutorial video below:


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