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Are you someone who is always stuck with writing attractive captions for your social media posts that can actually sell your content ???

If yes, then this is for you. is an AI-based content-generating tool built on GPT3 technology and an assistive tool that is better at creating content copies and ideas. It is actually powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence to empower creators with quick content copies in seconds.

Ok then, let’s begin.

First of all, let’s google  Then let's click on the first search result, 

This is what looks like. 

Let’s click Sign up for free and create an account. After verifying the account, we can log in to using the username and password. After logging in, we reached the homepage of

Here we can see many options such as social media, copywriting, SEO, E-Commerce, Product.

There are more than 30 features available here. So let's check what social media post here contains tweet ideas, social media post captions, Facebook ad copies, engaging social posts, youtube video description, youtube video topic ideas, engaging questions, personal bio.

Let’s click social media post captions, Here a pop-up appears asking for product/brand name and description.

Let's try this picture of a motorcycle,

Let’s write the Product as a motorcycle and the Description as an awesome picture of my motorcycle. These are the generated captions that can just copy or save from here Among these generated captions we can just select whatever suits our picture And we can just copy from here and save it.

We can find the saved copies from here, 

Let’s check another feature known as Personal bio. In the personal bio, we write the name and short description of us 

Let’s write the name as Jim and Description as Social media influencer, Traveller, content creator, Blogger. 

In the advanced option, we can write a particular keyword that we want in our personal bio. Here we can write content creator and social media and just click create a personal bio.

These are the 3 personal bios generated for Jim from these generated bios. 

We can select whichever suits us and we can just copy it from here or just save and the copies will be saved under the saved copies. 

Let’s check another feature known as youtube video description. 

Here we can write the product or brand name and a short description of our youtube video. So let’s write social media tool and in the description, we can write - a video about Social media marketing tools. 


In the advanced option, we can write keywords like social media marketing and social media marketing tools and click on create the youtube video description. 


These are the youtube video descriptions generated for social media marketing tools, we can select the best description that suits our video and we can copy it and save it from here. 

For the free plan, we have a limit of 10000 words.  For unlimited copies, we need to upgrade. 

These are the plans available In the paid versions 

  • Starter plan - 1,800/- Per Month  
  • Growth plan - 12,500/- Per Month 
  • Enterprise plan - Contact

The starter plan is for a single user, the growth plan is for 5 users and the enterprise plan is for marketplaces, aggregators, and enterprises.

Let’s click the gift icon here, 

We can see the usage and analytics from here.

Let’s click the usage stats from here we can see how many words we have generated in the last 7 days 


Anyway, is a time-saving tool for all creators out there who need Content ideas, captions, youtube video descriptions, and many more.

If you are a content creator just give it a try.

Shanolin Sethunath / Jassia Ismail

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